No web programming talent needed!

Really none! That's how I started.

Most of our resellers don't have teams of web developers. In fact, some have no web talent at all, like me. For those who don't, we have the out-of-the-box "White Label" site. With this option all you need to do is choose what products you want to sell and set your prices.

We will help you add your domain any time day or night. For an out of the box example check out Lucky Dog Web. This the White Label site with the addition of the logo image and that's it. The rest is done for you. All the programming, product development and even your payment processing internationally.

You don't even need to know how the products work because all the support is done for you. See the International Sales and Technical Support numbers available.

Oh, You have developers?

Or You're adventurous like Me?

In that case, you can use your favorite WordPress theme or ours specifically designed for Resellers and one of the Managed WordPress sites that come standard with your Reseller account and the product plugin to build to your heart's content.

This site and many others are built on the same platform, though I am just one person with limited time and talent since this isn't my day job. Check out a few:

Or Incorporate it into your current web business like Killer Sites with a nice front end incorporation, or one of our sites, Lucky Dog Servers using links into Lucky Dog Web.

Note: The websites noted above except Lucky Dog sites are not affiliated with and are provided as examples of what can be done with the 4DME.Com Reseller plans. Am I afraid of another company getting your business? No, this isn't my day job and besides, most of them aren't able to sell reseller programs or they charge more than I do for the same products. These are all GoDaddy resellers but GoDaddy allows me to sell for less than they do. Yep, less than they do. Compare for yourself on their website. They charge $107 for Basic and $179 for Pro.

4DME.COM Reseller Extras

Here are just some of the FREE extras (Over $1500 value included!) you get when you sign up to become a 4DME.COM Reseller!

  1. Website Builder
  2. Deluxe Linux Hosting with cPanel with Installer and tons of applications. Unlimited websites, 500 email addresses and 25 MySQL databases
  3. Business Managed WordPress - Up to 5 websites
  4. Workspace Email - Multiple accounts
  5. Deluxe Online Storage - 100 GB
  6. Standard Standard SSL Certificate
  7. Website Security Basic
  8. Search Engine Visibility v1
  9. Email Marketing - Pro
  10. And More!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Reseller Plans & Pricing:

Basic Reseller


  • White-label ecommerce storefront
  • Credit card processing
  • 24/7 support
  • Sales and commission reports
  • Standard buy rates, up to 20% off retail
*Billed annually Reseller plans require separate 4DME account. Reseller plans require separate 4DME account.

Pro Reseller

Only $10/month first year with code**
  • White-label ecommerce storefront
  • Credit card processing
  • 24/7 support
  • Sales and commission reports
  • Standard buy rates, up to 40% off retail
*Billed annually ** Enter RSPLAN25 for 25% discount on your first year Reseller plans require separate 4DME account.

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